Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lego Lichtenstein

A while back I decided to undertake a winter project and create a 4' x 4' recreation of Roy Lichtenstein's "Girl with Hair Ribbon" out of legos.

Here is a picture without the border.

I had so much fun with it that I decided to make another.  I chose a different Lichtenstein painting this time ("Fast Car") and blew it up to 4' x 5'.

A little background on the process.

Step 1: Buy lots of legos.  I purchased them from a online lego supermarket (  They have pretty much every type of lego you would ever need and the prices are good.

Step 2: I built the back from a sheet of plywood and some 1" x 2" wood bracers nailed to the back.  

Step 3: I then glued lego base plates over the entire wooden board in order to be able to stick the lego pieces on.

Step 4:  The tedious part!  I gridded out a 8.5" x 11" picture of the painting and just like that project most of you have done in grade school I recreated each square of the sheet in legos on the main board.  I had to order parts several times as I never ordered enough legos at once.

Step 5: The finishing touches!  The boarder is made from black flat tile legos stuck on in a 2" boarder around the picture.  The boarder overhangs the board slightly to conceal the wood behind.  After the legos were all on, I painted the boarders of the wood for a nice finish

This project was very time consuming but still a lot of fun.  Overall cost was around $350 for the first one and $600 for the second.

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  1. Great job, it doesn't even look like Lego from a distance :)